(PlayStation/Xbox/PC/Steam) Lords of the Fallen: Vigor & Armor Services


Service Includes:

  • Vigor will be dropped for you to collect – No account info needed After purchase we will email you to deliver your Vigor.
  • Delivery Time: Same Day
  • Consoles Supported: PlayStation, Xbox and Steam

Armor Pack Includes:

  • Armor / Weapons / Items
  • All weapons
  • All Armor
  • All Amulets
  • All Rings
  • Vigor
  • All Umbral Eyes
  • 999x Delirium
  • 20x Saintly Quintessence
  • All materials for improving weapons
  • Used Items
  • 900+ different things
  • The worker will join you through co-op play and drop the vigor for you to pick up.
  • Picture of items: https://postimg.cc/gallery/2LNdj73