(PC/STEAM/EPIC) Red Dead Redemption 2: Online Rank, Cash and Gold Bar (Pre-Made Accounts)


Service Includes:

    THIS ACCOUNT IS FOR PC ONLY AND COMES WITH FULL GAME ACCESS (comes with red dead online on the account)
    Once purchased, the account’s sign-in information will be sent to you by email. (You enter your email at checkout)

Packages available above are as follows:

  • Pre-Made Rank 75 100,000 Cash+ 2500 Gold Bars + All Roles Maxes (PC/SOCIALCLUB/EPIC GAMES/STEAM)
  • Pre-Made Rank 75-100 50,000 Cash + 1500 Gold Bars (PC/SOCIALCLUB/EPIC GAMES/STEAM)
  • Pre-Made Rank 20-50 15,000 Cash+ 500 Gold (PC/SOCIALCLUB/EPIC GAMES/STEAM)