Modern Warfare II: Multiplayer AFK Player Lobby (12 Consoles)


Service Includes:

  • AFK Player Bot Boosting (12 Consoles)
  • We are hosting a Bot Lobby with all our Away Players and Consoles for you to easily kill and do as you please. This is all done through a legitimate public lobby with absolutely no risk of being banned.
  • All Camo Challenges, Weapon Progression, Camo Progression, Leveling, Rank XP, Weapon XP, and everything earned in the lobby will count and stick! Great way to easily unlock camos, work on challenges, unlock
  • challenges, rank up, achieve great stats, boost stats, and more! Once again, everything gained, will count and stick, this is a legitimate public match boosting method with consoles.
  • Currently doing shipment and normal domination playlist for this. (You can choose)
  • Works On: PS4, PS5, XB1, XBS, XBX, PC.