Fortnite: 13,500 – 108,000 V-Bucks (PREMADE ACCOUNT)


Service Includes:

– Select which amount of V-Bucks above you want using the drop-down

– V-Bucks will be added to an Epic Games Account that you will get full access to.

– You will be able to use this account to gift your main account items using the V-Bucks.

– You will not be able to start gifting until you have added your main account as a friend and stayed added for 2 days.

– V-Bucks will appear on XBOX/PC/MOBILE/PLAYSTATION.

– You are allowed to gift 5 items per 24 hours because that’s the cap Epic Games allows.

– The account details are usually sent within the same day.

– Works On: PS4, PS5, XB1, XBS, XBX, PC, MOBILE