Pokemon GO - Level 35 Account


Service Includes:

  • Speedy Delivery Process - As soon as your payment is received and processed, our system will deliver the account to the email provided at checkout.

  • Lifetime Guarantee – We are sure that are accounts are the safest you can buy online. We are so confident of this, we offer a lifetime ban guarantee on all of our accounts.

  • Possibility of Slashed Pokemon – Some of our Level 35’s will have a chance of containing red slashed Pokemon.

  • Packed with Stardust and Candy – All of our accounts come packed with lots of Stardust and Candies! Perfect for levelling up your team and your new catches.

  • Password Change - All of our accounts have the options to change the trainer name and your password.

  • Possible Legendary Pokemon - All of our accounts contain a random mix of Pokemon! However, some trainers have reported opening their account to find legendaries such as Mew, Mewtwo, Celebi and more!

  • Customer Support Team – If you are having any issues with delivery or logging into your account, our team are available at all times to solve any problems you have! 

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