Gym Ready - Level 30 Account


Service Includes:

  • Take a look at example of Gym Ready 30 level account in our gallery. Please remember that isn't the exact account you will receive. It may contains different Pokemons but will be similar (gently better or worse) to our example.

  • After the purchase we will ask you which team would you like to receive: Mystic, Valor or Instinct

  • Gym Destroyers - Take over every gym you face with our accounts! GUARANTEED to have high CP Pokemon, you are sure to dominate your local gyms.

  • Lifetime Guarantee – We are sure that are accounts are the safest you can buy online. We are so confident of this, we offer a lifetime ban guarantee on all of our accounts.

  • Possibility of Slashed Pokemon – Some of our Level 30's will have a very small chance of containing red slashed Pokemon.

  • Packed with Stardust and Candy – All of our accounts come packed with lots of Stardust and Candies! Perfect for leveling up your team and your new catches.

  • Password Change - All of our accounts have the options to change the trainer name and your password.

  • Speedy Delivery Process - As soon as your payment is received and processed, our system will deliver the account to the email provided at checkout.

  • Possible Legendary Pokemon - All of our accounts contain a random mix of Pokemon! However, some trainers have reported opening their account to find legendaries such as Mew, Mewtwo, Celebi and more!

  • Customer Support Team – If you are having any issues with delivery or logging into your account, our team are available at all times to solve any problems you have!

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